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Dive Sites:

   Boca del Medio, easy diving in shallow waters up to 10 meters deep,
with a great diversity of coral, fauna and flora.

Piedra de la Guasa is a 10-30 meter deep underwater cliff. You can sight an ample
           range of fish,such as grouper, snapper, barracuda and horse-eye jack.

Solapa de Rabusqui, in these caves you can see sharks, and a variety of crustaceans.

Boca de Cote features spectacular cliffs that reach down to 60 meters
with a ample range of coral and fish.

Cayo Sal is an impressive site with vertical cliffs and caves filled
with multi-colored sponges and black coral formations.

Noronqui contains a labyrinth of antler coral with a great many fish.

Dos Mosquises features splendid reefs and is the site of the biological research station.

Nordisqui has formations of coral stones and canals with a few shipwrecks.

Just north of Los Roques is another island, La Tortuga,
which features a large under water wall.

Diving information:

   Our dive center can help you make your diving dream a reality.
This is a dynamic enterprise dedicated to offering one of the best diving services
available in the Parque Archipelago Los Roques.

       With many years of experience, the dive center was one of the first

to open its doors in Caracas, Venezuela.

The highly qualified instructors have been trained

under strict rules of safety and professionalism.

Moreover, the center is an affiliated member of the FVAS
(Federation Venezolana de Actividades Submarinas) and
PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors).

(Note:   The activities listed above are not included in the price of the posada.)

Services include:

     One day package (2 boat dives)  65 USD

One dive  35 USD

 Night dive (1 boat dive) with lamp  40 USD

 Package of 3 days (6 boat dives)  180 USD

 Package of 4 days (8 boat dives)  235 USD

 Package of 5 days (10 boat dives)  280 USD

 Package of 6 days (12 boat dives)  320 USD

 Additional day dive (+6)  40 USD

One day snorkeling (with light equipment)   25 USD

Divemaster Services per day   100 USD


 Note: * Includes tanks, weight, boat, certified guide and non alcoholic beverages.


The following for rental is offered:

     Regulator + Octopus + Console + LP Hose,

B/C jacket with Power inflator  20 USD

Scuba package (Regulator + B/C)  15 USD

Aluminum tank 80 CF (12 Lt.) Full  10 USD

 Light gear (mask + snorkel + fins)  10 USD

Boat rental daily  250 USD

Note: *With Captain and 100 Lt. of gas


The following PADI courses are offered:

     Introductory dive course ( one inmersion )  85 USD
     Open water diver and Jr. OWD  350 USD
      Advanced O / W  250 USD

Stress And Rescue  250 USD

Telefono in Italia ( Chiamare dopo le 15:00 ) :

( 055 ) 390 65 18

Telefono a Los Roques :

0058 412 31 01 962

los roques Giorgio e-mail



Contatto:   giorgio.serloni